Childs Piano Books How to Buy
Childs Piano Books - HOW TO BUY
The Lisa Childs Piano Books are very popular as birthday presents and Christmas presents.  Ordering them is easy and there are some special offers if you buy a set!  Just pick from the list of product options below, and then choose from one of the following options:
  • Buy online safely and reliably from - just search for "Lisa Childs Piano Books" on and you can buy online with the safety of ordering through a major online book retailer.  For your convenience, Click here to go straight to the relevant Amazon page.
  • By Cheque - to place your order, make your cheque out to "Childs Piano Books", and send it to "Piano Book Order, Riversdale House, Riversdale, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5EB".  Books will be dispatched within two working days after the cheque has cleared.
  • If you prefer to email us, send your message to
Product Code Product Price P&P* Total
CH01 Lisa Childs Piano Book 1 £11.99 £2.50 £14.49
CH02 Lisa Childs Piano Book 2 £11.99 £2.50 £14.49
CH03 Lisa Childs Piano Book 3 £11.99 £2.50 £14.49
CH04 Lisa Childs Piano Book 4 £11.99 £2.50 £14.49
CH05 OFFER: Set of Books 1 to 4 £35.00 £6.00 £41.00
CH06 The Magic of Scales - Major Scales £7.99 £1.00 £8.99
CH07 The Magic of Scales - Melodic Minor Scales £7.99 £1.00 £8.99
CH08 The Magic of Scales - Harmonic Minor Scales £7.99 £1.00 £8.99
CH09 OFFER: All 3 Scales Books £20.00 £2.00 £22.00
CH10 The Magic of Christmas Carols £5.99 £1.00 £6.99
CH11 OFFER: All 8 Books (Lisa Childs Piano 1-4, 3 Scales Books, Carols Book) £55.00 £9.00 £64.00

* P&P = UK Postage and Packing.  All orders are suitably packaged and dispatched within two working days after the cheque has cleared by First Class post. For shipment charges to other countries, call us on +44-1628-851469.